Customizing an Order

  • Adding additional text
  • Changing clothing styles & hair styles
  • Changing the background of a design
  • Adding other elements to the design
If you are interested in ordering one of my designs but would like to customize it
to your specifications, I offer customization for an additional fee.  Customization
is anything not offered on the order form.  If you do not see a way to select it in
the order form, it is not included in the order.  Such as...
so we can discuss the details and I can give you a price for the customization.  
Please fill out the following form:

*Allow additional order time for all customized orders.

To create a new design instead of customizing one of my designs,
Please fill out and submit this form to get info and pricing on a customizing your order.  
In order to make the process easier and quicker for you to get a quote, please provide me
with as much info as possible for what you would like to customize about the order. As I am
busy with other orders, please allow time to hear back from me with your quote.
Please be sure to enter your correct
email address and phone number or I
will not be able to contact you.
Confirm Email:
It is very important you include the name of the design a you want to order.
Please include a category as well, wedding plate, birthday plate,
signature plate, baby plate, etc...
Design names are all listed below the picture of the design.
Date Order is Needed:  
Please enter the date the order is needed so I can check my
availability to do the order for you.
Please describe in as much detail as possible, the design you would like.  The more details you can
provide for the design, the better I can estimate a price for you and the quicker the designing process
will go.  If there are plates or ideas on this site that you like, or if you have pictures, please let me know.
*Please do not send photos at this time.