Plate and Platter Sizes and Pricing:
These markers are specially made for working on
ceramics. They are paint, not ink, that you will bake
onto the platter in your home oven to make the paint
permanent. Instructions are included.
All markers are sold separately for $6.00 each.
They are available in 8 colors, you can mix and match
to make your platter more colorful.  Because the paint
in the markers can dry out if not properly cared for, I
recommend a minimum of 2 markers as a backup.
Ceramic Markers:
Black Wood Plate Stands:
$8.00 - Fits 11" plates
Brass Plate Hanger:
$5.00 - Fits 11" plates
*Plate Stands and
hangers are available
on the payment page
- after you submit this
order form.
$6.00 each
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