Wedding Portrait Print Ordering Instructions:
In order to place an order for a Family Portrait Print,
I recommend that you follow these instructions in order to make the order process easier to do...
Please note.....The term "character", used below, refers to a person or pet.
1.  For each "character" (person or pet), you will select a "body style" and a "hair style".
2.  For each character in the design, you will need to select skin and hair colors.
3.  Select the order (placement) each character will be placed in the design.
4.  Decide on text for the frame.
5.  Once you have all the info selected, you are now ready to proceed to the order form.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.  
I am happy to answer any questions for you. Please email me at
I recommend that you print a copy of the body and hair style designs so that you have them in  
front of you for reference while you make your selections.  
* You are also able to select clothing colors for each character if you choose to.  
For the 12 x 16 frame:  
You can select to add two lines of text.  One at the top of the design and one and the                 
bottom.  Each line can be up to 23 characters long, including spaces.  
*You will also enter names for each character when you fill out the order form.
* Please note, do not worry if you make any mistakes on the order form.  I will email you a copy of the
order for you to review.  At that time if you need to make any corrections, you may do so.  
For the 16 x 20 frame:
*All Portrait Print orders include a digital proof of your print design for you to review before your
print is completed.  Proofs will be emailed to you approximately 1-3 weeks after your order is
placed and are not available before you place your order.  
For the 12 x 12 frame: