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I received the plate and it came
out perfect. Thank you so much.
If you ever need a
recommendation, please send
them my way!

Dear Tina,

I can't express to you how much
I love the plate! It's wonderful
and thank you for completing
and shipping in time to give it
to my husband for our
anniversary on July 4th.

I will definitely be a costumer
again in the future and tell all
my friends and family about
you and your work.

Thank you!!

Hi Tina,

The plate arrived and it's
absolutely gorgeous!  Thanks so

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Pottery Album pages
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Hi Tina,

The plate is beautiful as
always!!!  Another bride-to-be
will have a great platter to

her special day!!

Thank you so much!!!

If you have questions about a plate you see on this page, about the colors used, or
something else, please feel free to
contact me. I am always happy to answer your questions.
*Some of the plates below have been customized, some for an additional charge,