Forging and Toolmaking -  Cabrillo College Extension Class
Experience, through demonstration and hands-on exercises, the exciting craft of steel forging
and toolmaking. After instruction on the properties and characteristics of different metals
(basic metallurgy), students work a forge and learn how to manipulate hot steel.

Demonstrations of various hammer types and the applications of different anvil designs are
given. Building and operation of both gas and coke-fired forges are discussed. Students are
encouraged to develop their own direction and interests in forging and toolmaking as an art

This class is limited to 6 students— Class will be held at the instructor’s forging studio. You will
receive a map upon registration and you will be asked to sign a liability waiver before class
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following info or call 831-475-3259.  
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Fee: $365
Location: Santa Cruz Studio
*This class will be offered based on student interest.  
Please contact Vern for more information at 831-475-3259
Vern Caron, M.A., has taught forging and toolmaking through Cabrillo College and
UC Extension for more than 20 years